Hi, I’m Giuditta 
(pronounced JEW-DEE-TA!) 

Nice to meet you! As you’ll see I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who never has nor ever will fit into any conventional box! A Real Estate Guru, Writer, Professional Results Coach, Author, & Forever Eternal Optimist Committed to Transforming as Many Lives as Possible! I’m a Born & Raised Torontonian with a true obsession to learn & develop myself & others. I have been spending most of my time reading, writing, taking courses, learning, implementing, transforming lives through real estate developing the worlds best system to transform your life. I believe were more than just what we do – I run a super successful socially conscious Real Estate Business with two fabulously amazing partners! Thought you’d want to know a little about me and this site! Ironically, I’m an introvert who likes to spend most of my time with myself diving within working on Discovering, Developing & Delivering my Purpose & Passion! 

We’re here to serve. Everything I / We do is built on a foundation of love, passion, purpose and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. Through our Real Estate Business, Stuff to Transform Lives, and Our B/Vlog to Make a Difference – it is all created with the intention to serve our clients BEYOND the sale – to impact your life in all areas and be in touch with you during, & after and the transitions of your life! 

After we sell your home, help you find your next place, or invest your money wisely - tune in to my Blog/Vlog where I share my own personal challenges & victories and share the tools with you that I’m learning to transform my life, business, family, marriage and all things that matter to me! I would love to keep in touch, and continue to make a difference in each others lives! Lets evolve and grow together! Who knows where it will take us! 

We’re here to make a true sincere impact and contribution to YOU – to this ONE life you’ve been given to live. I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to support you in building a life you truly love – because after all Life is Short, and I believe all of us should be able to live our dreams & share our passions with the world! I’m so much more than just a Realtor or what I do for a living & so are you! We’re multifaceted beings with so much to offer each other this world! This is where I do my part! 

If You’re Curious about my Background and how I came to be & do you can get the Background on my Real Estate Story Here…(About the team) to keep in touch and if you want to get to know me on a more intimate personal level – where we take this journey of life & living together feel free to join me on my Blog/Vlog (where I write & will soon take the plunge to video). I discuss my own Personal Struggles, Challenges, Victories I personally Have experienced in the past, and the things I am learning in the present! 

I’m a mission, purpose driven kind of gal that’s truly committed to serving a purpose that’s larger than myself with my CEO that lives upstairs whom I call God – (otherwise also known as Universe, Spirit, Energy or whatever speaks to you!) This is the absolute centre of my life guiding all that I am, be, do & have – my blind Faith is the reason why I’ve overcome so many challenges that have enabled me to live a transformed, successful, peaceful, happy fulfilled life (and by no means am I perfect, I’m still figuring it out along the way!) I look forward to doing it together! – xo G 

Giuditta Gareri

Real Estate Broker - B.A., CNE, REDS, ASP

RE/MAX Realty Enterprises Inc. – Team Excellence

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